Same-day delivery service

Are you looking for an express courier service for your business that can guarantee fast but also secure deliveries? Planet Courier is the Rome courier that guarantees speedy delivery, affordability, efficiency, flexibility and security.

The company guarantees fast 24-hour delivery of parcels and packets (with pick-up before 12:00) and for those also looking for security, the company offers a professional and competitive DHL courier service, that shortens the delivery time between sender and destination, thanks to a fully-guaranteed, high quality service that fully respects the urgency and needs of the clients.

Parcel delivery within 24h

Being able to rely on an express courier service that also offers daily pick-up contracts is a great benefit for many companies who need to guarantee to their own clientele quick and immediate solutions.

The fast delivery service for parcels and packages offered by Planet Courier is guaranteed within 24 hours of dispatch, that is, by 12:00 the next day. Delivery is entrusted to expert couriers, who consistently arrive on time at their destination.
Our tariffs are very competitive.

Airmail consignments

Our national and international express courier services are tailored to offer the best transport solution between:

  • air mail
  • cargo
  • overland motor transport

World-wide consignments are carried out using an enhanced protection service, thanks to collaboration we have established with large International Express Courier hubs.

If you are looking for a viable and reliable partner for your courier needs, come to Planet Courier and you will be able to rely not only on our high level services, but also on a capillary presence all over the country. For information on our service tariffs, call +39 06 87120004 or email us by completing the form below.

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