Consignments for NGOs, private individuals and businesses

If you work in administration, a communications agency, or have a business with overseas facilities, you probably, often if not daily, need to send documents, materials and products to your other business locations or to your customers.

For any urgent delivery within 24 hours, Planet Courier in Rome offers different types of shipment, with appropriate solutions for the needs of each customer. The flexibility of the service and the assurance of on-time delivery guarantee the customer timely and deliveries within the agreed time, even in an emergency. The company is able to deliver urgent documents and all kinds of goods all over the world thanks to an extensive network of experienced partners, with logistics services also designed for handling deliveries for large retail chains.

National goods collection and dispatch

Extensive shipping experience means Planet Courier is able to provide exclusive delivery services. The company vouches to always identify the most appropriate service for every need. We even offer customised packages for frequent users: a subscription service for collection and delivery of goods and documents.

For any type of delivery in the capital, save time and rely on Planet Courier, who will handle your delivery, without delay.

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