Book with our Customer Service department before 12:30pm for same-day collection from your premises.

Waybill signature
In cases where the signature of the sender is missing from the waybill, Planet Courier has the right to not expedite the delivery.

Required documentation

All shipments require waybills to be completed: Planet Courier makes available, in cases of frequent use, special programs to facilitate their compilation. Shipments of samples require an accompanying pro forma invoice in 6 originals, with the content in English and the value stated in US dollars. For shipments of goods for resale in final destinations that are outside the EU a sales invoice must be attached in 6 originals, all stamped and signed for customs.


Payments and carrier liabilities

Weights information

Rates are calculated on the basis of all the packages included in a single shipment. The maximum weight we accept for individual packages for INTERNATIONAL shipments is 30 kg. The maximum weight we accept for individual packages for express NATIONAL shipments is 30 kg and for the NATIONAL GROUPAGE service is 1 “pallet” or 300 kg. There is no limit to the maximum weight of the shipment. Where volumetric weight exceeds real weight, the weight/volume ratio is applied. Planet Courier checks the actual weight and/or volume of parcels and, in the event that a parcel weighs more than the declared weight, Planet Courier is expressly authorised by the customer to issue an invoice on that basis. The volumetric weight for air services (Express and World-Truck): Height x Width x Depth (in cm): 5,000 = weight (kg). The volumetric weight for road services (National and Euro-Truck,): Height x Width x Depth: 3000 (in cm) = weight (kg). Rounding-up of shipment weight INTERNATIONAL: half a kilo higher.  Rounding-up of NATIONAL shipment weight: to the next kilo higher. Planet Courier has the right, but not the obligation, to inspect any shipment for any reason and at any time.

Maximum size of the total consignment

Maximum = sum of the 3 dimensions (Height Width Depth) = 150 cm. Maximum length of one side = 100 cm.

Service restrictions and supplements

Service restrictions

For all shipments, dangerous and counterfeit goods are prohibited or not able to be carried according to IATA regulations, the customer is jointly and severally liable. Specific transport restrictions: alcohol, firearms and knives, ivory, gems, cash, cheques or other tradeable effects, valuables, animals, temperature-controlled  and/or perishable goods, air/ship/train tickets, flammable and pornographic materials, documents and personal belongings, tobacco, etc.

Additional charges

Only on prior request to our Customer Service department, can additional insurance cover be taken out for our international service: for this a cost-base of 2% of the declared value of the goods will be applied. There is a minimum charge. Our Customer Service team is at your disposal to quote for additional insurance. For the carriage and/or collections throughout the country an additional shipping charge will be applied.

Parcel service rates (sales invoice) include, for consignments to non-EU countries, payment of the customs costs (regulated by the DM 07/06/1998 and successive amendments) inclusive of return of accompanying documents, equivalent to €45.00 VAT. Customs charges, import fees, the costs of storage and/or other incidental charges are not included in the import/export tariffs but are billed separately to the recipient unless otherwise requested by the customer. Special International Delivery (only on prior request to our Customer service) incurs an additional cost per consignment. An additional 35 Euros over the National Groupage rate is applied to Express Groupage consignments.

Tariffs and delivery times

Requested service and billing
Select the desired service on the waybill. Where a customer leaves a box unchecked, Planet Courier reserves the decision-making power. Where a box is not checked any costs are billed to the customer.

Proof of dispatch (POD)
Proof of dispatch is available the day after delivery and is supplied on request.

Tariff additions

Proof of delivery (POD) for each LDV or fax/e-mail transmission, incur additional costs. National and international warehousing incurs an additional charge per shipment, plus parking fees per 100kg/day. Returns of unsold international stock: import tariffs, where not applicable, the specific cost will be billed. Any address changes are charged as a full new shipment. A fuel surcharge is applied to all services offered by Planet Courier: the precise percentage appears in the original service offer left in the customer’s possession.

Delivery services to private homes or triangulation points/PO BOXES and goods shifting in transit due to insufficient packaging incur extra costs. For delivery straight to the floor/supermarket an additional fee is charged for each 100 kg or fraction. For national and international deliveries and those to remote areas there is an additional cost per kilogram and a minimum charge. Delivery by appointment incurs an additional charge per shipment. Monthly services (newspaper deliveries) incur an additional cost (fixed fee).

Estimated delivery times

(Further information is available from our Customer Service department) EUROPE = (documents and goods) main cities 24/48 hours/small towns 48/72 hours. USA and CANADA = (documents) 24/48/72 hours depending on location – (goods) 48/72 hours. EASTERN EUROPE = (documents) 24/48/72 hours depending on location – (goods) 4/5 days. REST OF THE WORLD = (documents) 4/72/96 hours depending on location – (goods) 4/5 days. Delivery times are expressed in working days and for the main locations.

Payments and carrier responsibilities


Payment of all sums due, subject to any agreed extension, must be made in accordance with the Conditions of Carriage (CDT) and the offer sent to the customer and accepted by them. Customers with Accounts Receivable Drafts payment terms, whether they reject or fail to confirm such payment, will be issued debit note of €15.00 for reimbursement of unpaid expenses. Planet Courier is expressly authorised by the client to a lien on assets, exerting over them a right of retention.

Carrier liability

The carrier’s liability is governed by the regulations in force under Articles 1693/94/95/83 D.C. D.L. n ° 286 22/11/05 art. 10 Law 32/2005. In case of any liability, Planet Courier will cover any claim up to an upper limit of 1.00 Euro per kg. Planet Courier is under no obligation to insure senders’ goods; Planet Courier is exempt from liability when either partial or total loss of goods is due to theft, or to damage caused either by the company itself or by third parties, during transit or in warehouses. Nor are delivery times the responsibility of Planet Courier, although included by necessity in the shipping documentation (LDV, DDT).

All shipment packaging is the responsibility of the customer: Planet Courier assumes no responsibility for damage caused by inadequate or lack of packaging.

Exemptions and disputes

Various exemptions and handling of disputes
These Conditions of Carriage apply to all customers who entrust shipments to Planet Courier. Customers need to be aware that they can be changed without prior notice by Planet Courier, although such updates will be publicised on its website ( on the TERMS page. No customer may assign or transfer their contract. Planet Courier can sell it or transfer it. This contract may be translated into other languages in addition to Italian, but in any dispute between the parties the text to be regarded as final is that in the Italian language, the only applicable law is Italian, and the jurisdiction being that of the country in which the legal headquarters of Planet Courier are situated. No changes may be made to these Terms and Conditions without the written consent of Planet Courier’s legal representative.

Data processing

Having accessed Planet Courier Srl’s services, customers permit their personal data and/or those of/the recipient/billing to be present in the Planet Courier archives and processed for management purposes. The client also allows the same data to be processed for statistical purposes and direct marketing. The data are not subject to disclosure. The Customer may exercise the rights referred to in article 7 Dlg. 196/03. The data controller is Planet Courier Srl.