DHL Express and other carriers


Planet Courier guarantees a parcel delivery service that is attentive to details, reliable and on-time.

The way we organise the logistics for the transport of goods and documents guarantees maximum efficiency and reliability, with delivery within 24 hours of dispatch, thanks to our partnering with important national and international carriers, including Bartolini, DHL, SDA, TNT and UPS. Efficiency, quality, attention to detail, and flexibility are key strengths of our service.

Contact our offices for any fast delivery need you may have, for any kind of item: from large parcel to a document folder, you will be certain to receive a quality service.

Your parcel is continuously trackable

Deliveries undertaken by Planet Courier are trackable at all times and at all stages of their journey and, by consulting our website, clients can obtain precise real time information and definite answers for every delivery query.

Our couriers for in-Italy consignments and for Europe-wide consignments follow precise protocols on every job, so protecting clients with regard to both security and timings of deliveries.

Goods are also packaged according to fixed procedures and the requirements of the insurance policies of the chosen carrier:

  • car transport
  • air couriers
  • cargo
  • express national and international courier
  • luggage and suitcase forwarding

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